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Hello from JW Squared

Today marks the launch of strategic communication and content agency, JW Squared. The agency has been founded by senior communications strategist Jane Wilson and global digital content strategist Joanna Wells. Jane and Joanna have come together from different backgrounds to create a an offer clients need - insight based communication and content strategy that builds trust in a digital age.

Increasingly, the most trusted voices are found online, with people engaging, for the most part, with messengers like themselves and messages that support their world view. At JW Squared, we identify the most influential conversations and create integrated communication and content strategies that bring clients into those conversations in a meaningful way.

Our three stage approach:

1. Collate - gathering information and inspiration from you and the world you want to influence

2. Curate - turning information into insight to uncover the most relevant conversations and identifying a unique point of view

3. Create - we build targeted and engaging communication strategies with digital content at their heart.

And with our combined leadership experience, we apply this model to transform not only how our clients communicate but how they work, lead and shape organisational culture in a digital world.

We've got lots more to say about who we are and how we work but for now we'll start with ... hello.

Say hello at or call us on 07891 475935

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