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Are you a Rock Star?

Updated: May 18

Around ten years ago, a friend asked if I could help her brush up her presentation skills ahead of an event at which she was due to speak. With years of public speaking under my belt I thought it would be easy to pass on some of what I’d picked up. But it turns out that what I could do, was explain how to present like me, when what my friend needed was to present as the best version of her.

So, I spent time thinking about my friend; how she tells a story and what she looks like when she’s excited or passionate about a topic. I was then able to create some training that was right for her and her style. This became the basis of my presentation training approach and quite quickly it occurred to me that there are four core speaker types that most people can identify with. They are Rock Star, Authority, Professor and Friend. I’ve been using this model in my presentation training as a freelancer and then in agency and it works.

  • The Rock Star is the star turn you want at your conference. They don’t mind shocking an audience and their charisma and passion are what you remember long after they leave the stage.

  • The Authority is another big gun speaker. This person has deep knowledge and experience and an unequivocal point of view. Their delivery style is confident and steadfast and they add weight to any event.

  • The Professor is an expert in their field and often from a technical background. They have specialist knowledge that few others have. They appear more scholarly and thoughtful than the authority and like to open debate.

  • The Friend brings warmth to their presentation style. Audiences lean in feel that they know this speaker and would like to spend more time with them.

Each of us typically majors in one type with another playing a supporting role. This model has proven a fun and effective way to help clients uncover their own style and they sometimes surprise themselves when they find their true style.

What presenter type do you think you are … and which would you like to be? Contact us at if you want to know more about our presentation training at JW Squared.

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